About Aagon

The Aagon GmbH was founded by our managing shareholders Sascha Häckel and Wilko Frenzel under the name “Aagon Network & Communication Services” in Soest, Westfalia in the year 1992 and changed to the corporate form “GmbH” in 1996.

As early as 1998 Aagon had developed Europe’s very first menu guided automatic operating system installation in form of the ACK 1.0. Since then Aagon has developed and distributed Client Management Software for the automated administration of Microsoft, Linux and OSX based Computers in corporate networks which reaches far beyond the classic software distribution solutions.

The ACK has since become one of the many modules of the Aagon Client Management Platform (A|C|M|P) which simplifies the daily work of administrators and increases reliability of workstation computers. More than 800 customers of all branches and sizes of enterprise benefit from the experience and the innovative product development. As an innovative and responsible-minded employer the Aagon GmbH works together with colleges in the region to contribute to the education and training of junior employees. The company has been offering apprenticeships as a recognized training company since 2001 and has been honoured multiple times by the therefore responsible IHK for their merit in the promotion of young employees.