ACMP Mobile Devices for Exchange

With ACMP Mobile Devices for Exchange we offer an easy to use and budget-friendly MDM solution on the basis of your Exchange server.

Mobile Devices for Exchange - Individuelle Felder

Not only a susbstantially more perfomance-based license price but also lower installation expenditure awaits you compared with conventional, often highly complex, MDM solutions. There are no additional certificates required for the operation of ACMP Mobile Devices for Exchange and as a result no extra maintenance for the certificates is required. With ACMP Mobile Devices for Exchange you can deposit any desired documents and individual data on every recorded mobile phone or smartphone. In the ACMP console you have access e.g. to proof of purchase, mobile communications contracts, operating instructions or repair receipts at the push of a button.

You now have the possibility to run functions like Allow, Block or Wipe directly via the Exchange server. Block thereby allows the short-term blocking of devices in case the user has misplaced his smartphone. Wipe however, resets the chosen device to delivery condition.

Your benefits at a glance

  • Cheaper compared to the full MDM solution

  • Very low installation expenditure especially for customers with ACMP (no extra hardware infrastructure needed)

  • No (charged) additional certificates necessary (for complete MDM solutions you often require officially signed certificates which of course also occasion to costs)

  • Consequently also no installation / maintenance of the certificates

  • ALL devices that receive e-mails via Exchange are known to ACMP, even private and not only provisioned devices like in conventional MDM solutions.

  • You can also deposit documents about the devices (as with all ACMP clients)

  • You can also create an arbitrary amount of "Individual Fields" about the devices

  • Devices can be blocked, wiped or allowed on the Exchange