Packaging made easy!

With the ACMP AutoMATE you can easily package your software via mouse click. With the help of the installation-recorder you uniquely record an installation with all the desired settings. Then you create executable installation and un-installation files. These and their source files can be imported to the ACMP environment and used immediately with the help of the ACMP Package Wizard. Even extensive setup-routines which require an online registration in your browser and a large amount of mouse and keyboard input can be reliably recorded with ACMP AutoMATE. .

Record everything necessary

You can record much more than just setup-routines with ACMP AutoMATE. You can operate menus, buttons and other controls, pinpoint and select list entries as well as start, operate and control programs. You can also request certain hardware parameters e.g. to determine the presence of a hardware dongle for a certain software prior to the installation and you can also automatize predefined logical decision which are to be made.

Diverse fields of application

The diverse and different fields of application for ACMP AutoMATE are restricted only by your imagination. You can just as well record and automatize highly recurrent jobs of any type and quickly and easily decrease the probability of operator errors via automatized and controlled procedures.

Included editor

Packages which were created at one point can be manually edited and altered at any time after the creation. Here the editor provides you with reading aid e.g. the colored marking of certain commands and – depending on function – directly provided drop down menus.