ACMP Package Cloud

ACMP Package Cloud

To take the time-consuming packaging of standard software off your hands, we created the ACMP Package Cloud. You can find many applications in our depot in completely readily processed and quality assured Client Commands. This way you can drastically reduce the packaging expenditure when it comes to software which has to be updated continuously.


ACMP Toolbox

Next to important standard software products you also gain access to plethora of important tools for the automation of administration tasks. These include i.e.:

  • ACMP Windows Bug Reporter

    Recording of Windows- or application problems with the Windows PSR Tool and direct transfer to the ACMP Helpdesk

  • ACK Rollout Command

    Roll out existing computers directly from ACMP without having to use the ACK Console.

  • Read warranty data from Dell and Lenovo

    Reading of the warranty information saved on-line according to the serial number and subsequently save them in ACMP.

And much more!

Duration and billing

An ACMP Package Cloud is always purchased for one year. In this Time you have free access to the web portal and can download and directly import all available packages, client commands and reports. The Package Cloud does not renew itself automatically. Billing always takes place for one year.

Your benefits at a glance

  • All packages are packaged in our Package Factory in Germany

  • The standard manufacturer methods are used

  • The Packages are quality-assured for Windows XP (32) and 7 (32/64)

  • New updates are provided timely

  • All packages are suitable for installation, un-installation and re-installation

  • Documentation for each package

  • The Packages are available in German and English

  • The package language is automatically chosen depending on operating system language

  • Important installation parameters can be included into the installation package via forms

  • Direct access to client commands and reports

  • The packages are made available via a convenient web-portal. If desired, you can be automatically notified via e-mail on the arrival of new packages