ACMP - the modular suite for integral client management

The comprehensive ACMP Suite was created to support IT-administrators with all challenges of a modern IT in all kind of corporations. ACMP provides a powerful Endpoint Management and helps in centrally managing all kind of problems of your IT. Accomplish a lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of your IT-environment by saving time and work investments.

ACMP Inventory
The client management platform for your inventory

ACMP Inventory - Die Client Management Plattform für Ihre Inventarisierung

ACMP Inventory is the solution for the inventory of hardware-data and operating systems. The solution is equally the basis for the modular solutions ACMP Desktop Automation (client management), Software Detective (license management), Security Detective (anti-virus security) and the Helpdesk (ticket management). The inventory is the foundation for successful client management.

ACMP Desktop Automation
The comprehensive automation of your routine tasks

ACMP Desktop Automation - The comprehensive automation of your routine tasks

"Desktop Automation" is the technological heart of ACMP. The so-called client commands help to manage all administrative tasks on server and client systems without any need for programming knowledge. Automation is the key for an efficient IT-management, from software distribution to patch management through to complete desktop deployment.

ACMP Software Detective
License management and software inventory

ACMP Software Detective - License management and software inventory

License management and software inventory

The ACMP Software Detective reads every installed software from the ACMP-Clients and transmits the data to the central database. Thus, all information is accessible even if the client computer itself is switched off. Through the regular use of the Software Detective it is secured that the data is always up to date and that changes in the database are logged. The collected data runs seamlessly into the license management and is the basis for a successful software distribution with ACMP Desktop Automation.

ACMP Security Detective
The professional security surveillance

ACMP Security Detective - Die professionelle Sicherheitsüberwachung

Notice risks and threats before they become a danger for your company

The Microsoft Security Center has existed since Windows XP Service Pack 2. In Windows 8 you can find it under the name Action Center. With the Security-/Action Center, the user is informed about the essential safety measures of his computer. This information however is respectively only available locally.

ACMP OS Deployment

You just can not get rid of that feeling that the requirements of the IT-department are continuously growing but your budget and human resources are not? The challenge for it-employees of our times is therefore to achieve more with far less funds. The introduction of a standard operating system makes an essential amount towards cost reduction. This standard makes networks safer, more reliable and makes efficient management possible. Standards lead to a distinctly lower TCO (Total Cost of Ownership). But how can you affordably install this standard onto all existing and new computers?

ACMP Helpdesk
Fully integrated ticket management

ACMP Helpdesk - voll integriertes Ticket Management

The job of the ACMP Helpdesk in a nutshell is to effectively manage the permanently increasing flood of error reports, requests and suggestions towards the IT-support. Where a few sheets of paper were once enough to list all requests you now require a complete data base to cope with the requirements of a modern IT-support. IT-staff have to be able to see all open request at a glance so that they can be processed as timely as possible and with provision of all needed information. It goes without saying that support-employees can always keep an eye on the previous history of support-requests, their escalation progression and solutions. These details are the guarantor that errors and requests are resolved by the support quickly, simply and according to the previously defined Service Level Agreements (SLA).



Packaging made easy!

With the ACMP AutoMATE you can easily package your software via mouse click. With the help of the installation-recorder you uniquely record an installation with all the desired settings. Then you create executable installation and un-installation files. These and their source files can be imported to the ACMP environment and used immediately with the help of the ACMP Package Wizard. Even extensive setup-routines which require an online registration in your browser and a large amount of mouse and keyboard input can be reliably recorded with ACMP AutoMATE. .

ACMP Package Cloud

ACMP Package Cloud

To take the time-consuming packaging of standard software off your hands, we created the ACMP Package Cloud. You can find many applications in our depot in completely readily processed and quality assured Client Commands. This way you can drastically reduce the packaging expenditure when it comes to software which has to be updated continuously.


ACMP Multi-Site Plus

ACMP Multi-Site Plus

The new expansion extends far beyond the ability to incorporate locations and branches which is included in the standard extent of ACMP. We designed Multi-Site Plus for our customers with particularly high requirements when it comes to the administration of spread out locations, but also for customers that would like to reproduce multi-client capability.

ACMP Mobile Devices for Exchange

With ACMP Mobile Devices for Exchange we offer an easy to use and budget-friendly MDM solution on the basis of your Exchange server.

ACMP Retired Clients - End of Life documentation for all ACMP clients

ACMP Retired Clients

With ACMP Retired Clients we offer you the possibility to fully document and track the lifecycle of a client right up to scrapping.