ACMP Desktop Automation
The comprehensive automation of your routine tasks

ACMP Desktop Automation - The comprehensive automation of your routine tasks

"Desktop Automation" is the technological heart of ACMP. The so-called client commands help to manage all administrative tasks on server and client systems without any need for programming knowledge. Automation is the key for an efficient IT-management, from software distribution to patch management through to complete desktop deployment.

ACMP Desktop Automation is capable of automating all recurring tasks. Using the software is very simple for administrators and it-experts and even less experienced users are capable to work quickly and efficiently with the software. Hardly any software will achieve positive achievements in such a short time.

More than 170 own client commands that the user can easily use via drag and drop provide the basis of the automation. The native support of script- and programming languages like PowerShell, Visual Basic and Delphi Script make for a trouble-free integration of existing programs directly into ACMP. The bidirectional variable transfer of ACMP client commands and the native programming languages even makes for a mixture of the different languages. The fully integrated form-editor rounds off a positive general view especially for the on-site user. Even exotic admin- and user wishes can be easily implemented.

Delegate tasks via drag and drop

Thanks to the intuitive surface you can simply distribute all client commands to selected clients and client groups - the so-called containers. Practically, this also operates in the opposite direction. It is irrelevant if you drag clients onto "Client Commands" or a command onto the desired clients. ACMP always makes for correct implementation of the tasks and actions.

Automated execution via dynamic groups

Dynamic groups are an essential basis for the simplification of the daily administration with ACMP. All systems managed by ACMP, be it client-computers, servers or mobile devices, can be part of an arbitrary amount of groups. These groups are called containers. There is the possibility of a fixed allocation to a container by the administrator. The dynamic and automated allocation, dependent on particular properties, to containers by ACMP simplifies the administrator's work sustainably.

If i.e. the hard drive of a computer reaches the previously defined workload limit, ACMP automatically moves this client into the corresponding container selected by the administrator. Without further ado ACMP starts to perform operations to optimize the assignment of memory space i.e the compression or deletion of temporary data. Thus unloved and therefore not regularly executed tasks are no longer left behind but run fully automatically. Feel free to contact us in case you have questions regarding constellations in your company and we will surely find the fitting solution.

Extended inventory

Next to a complete and automated hardware inventory you can also gather information like the inventory number, room name, department or the telephone number of the employee with the ACMP Desktop Automation feature "Individual Fields". In doing so, it is up to you if these fields are to be filled automatically form other data sources, manually via user queries or via manual entry into the console by the administrator.

PCs and devices that are not connected to the company network are registered as so-called "Manual Clients" by the administrator. In doing so, it is secured that these systems are not forgotten in planning or evaluations.

Integrated report engine

Of course all Desktop Automation data can be evaluated with the integrated and fully parameterizable report engine. Whether for your own documentation or overviews for your superior.

1001 ideas

Those who see ACMP once suddenly have an entire flood of ideas that are to be automated with this easy to learn technique. Just let yourself be inspired by our experts. We will happily present our ACMP to you on-site. We are already looking forward to your innovative ideas ...

Your benefits at a glance

  • Complete inventory

  • dynamic grouping function via the ACMP Containers

  • Software distribution

  • Support for virtualized applications

  • Software packaging with clearance-process

  • Automation of administrative tasks

  • Controlling of process procedures

  • Simple handling

  • Creation and distribution of client command via drag & drop

  • Integrated form editor

  • Location-spanning thanks to distributed file repositories