ACMP Inventory
The client management platform for your inventory

ACMP Inventory - Die Client Management Plattform für Ihre Inventarisierung

ACMP Inventory is the solution for the inventory of hardware-data and operating systems. The solution is equally the basis for the modular solutions ACMP Desktop Automation (client management), Software Detective (license management), Security Detective (anti-virus security) and the Helpdesk (ticket management). The inventory is the foundation for successful client management.

Your first steps with ACMP

In this (german) Video you can see how to quickly and easily inventory your hard- and software with ACMP and subsequently evaluate this information.

Inventory - the foundation for successful client management

ACMP pushes or distributes a small software-agent to every client for network-wide inventory. The client-software keeps up the rhythmical communication between the local computer and the ACMP-server and delivers inventory data to the server in arbitrarily definable intervals and receives orders in the opposite direction. More than 150 pieces of hardware data and all details of the windows installation are available on the server in the blink of an eye.

ACMP uses the standards "Windows Management Instrumentation" (WMI) and the "Simple Network Management Protocol" (SNMP) for the acquisition of information. The connection between the agent and the database takes place via a secure connection. Only the ACMP server abd not every client receives access to the database. Controlling always takes place by the administrator via a modular and central console

Also usable without software-agent

Administrators do not always want to permanently install a software-agent. We developed the OneScanClient to still make it possible to receive all important details and information about a computer. This agent is started once and then collects and transmits the information to the database subsequently disappearing from the hard drive.

Sort, group and filter

The IT-administrator will only be interested in all detailed data in the rarest of cases. With a few clicks the IT-professional can make sure that ACMP only displays the accurately pinpointed results of the inventory data. The administrator can structure, group or interlace the desired information in real time.

Detailed client view

In ACMP, administrators and it-employees "surf" over the collected data. While in one situation the basic overview is the right thing to help make decisions, seconds later there may be the need for all exact details. All hardware- software- and system information are available to the administrator if needs be thanks to the drill-down-ability and the self-explanatory surface.


ACMP is delivered with a fully-integrated report engine that gives the accumulated search results an attractive look and creates structured tables and understandable diagrams from the mere data and numbers of the inventory. You have free rein to design the reports as you wish. You choose all fields that are to be shown from the database yourself, can incorporate own logos and thus have an easy to use report engine that creates reports on the basis of your inventory data.

Your benefits at a glance

  • Simple overview of your hardware

  • Provided report engine

  • Centralized client management console

  • Modularly expandable

  • Detection of all clients