ACMP Security Detective
The professional security surveillance

ACMP Security Detective - Die professionelle Sicherheitsüberwachung

Notice risks and threats before they become a danger for your company

The Microsoft Security Center has existed since Windows XP Service Pack 2. In Windows 8 you can find it under the name Action Center. With the Security-/Action Center, the user is informed about the essential safety measures of his computer. This information however is respectively only available locally.

A danger foreseen is half avoided

ACMP Security Detective fixes this vulnerability for you. With the ACMP Security Detective you now have access to the security information centrally in the Client Management Database (CMDB). There you can evaluate them anytime with the easy to use and clear queries, as well as with the integrated reports.

Tight embedding in ACMP

Through the tight integration of our modules you can not just collect and evaluate the information centrally but also react to it automatically combined with ACMP Desktop Automation

The ACMP Security Detective finds out the following information about your security centrally and reliably:

  • Used virus-protection (manufacturer, product name, verison)

  • Currentness of the virus-protection

  • Status of the real-time protection

  • Installed spyware-protection (manufacturer, product name, version)

  • Status and currentness auf the spyware-protection

  • Firewall (manufacturer, product name, version)

  • Status of the firewall

  • Status of the networks (private/public)

  • Update-settings (auto-update, WSUS etc.)

  • and so on

Your benefits at a glance

  • Full control over the security solutions

  • Monitoring of the Microsoft Security Center

  • Full integration into ACMP client management

  • Monitoring of existing anti-virus solutions