ACMP Software Detective
License management and software inventory

ACMP Software Detective - License management and software inventory

License management and software inventory

The ACMP Software Detective reads every installed software from the ACMP-Clients and transmits the data to the central database. Thus, all information is accessible even if the client computer itself is switched off. Through the regular use of the Software Detective it is secured that the data is always up to date and that changes in the database are logged. The collected data runs seamlessly into the license management and is the basis for a successful software distribution with ACMP Desktop Automation.

License management

The ACMP License management legally secures the responsible IT-employees and simultaneously helps to save cash with the targeted use of software licenses.

License management is divided into three parts

  • Inventory of the installed software

    The software of all clients in the network is automatically inventoried by the ACMP Agent. The agent collects all information about installed software. In doing so, it is irrelevant if the software was distributed by ACMP, if it was manually and locally installed or if it was installed remotely or by an other application. The allocation of client computer and the appropriate software equipment is established in the database. The version numbers, the install date or, if needed, the un-install path are also capured during the inventory.

  • Gathering the purchased licenses

    The introduction and running of a company-wide and cost-saving license management requires some preliminary work. All available license contracts must be made known to the database. In addition to the traditional and time-consuming method of manual input, ACMP also offers a comfortable and easy to use Import-Wizard. This wizard allows the transfer from many different sources in the CSV format. Our ACMP Software Detective offers detailed description-fields so that you can specify additional information like the contact person or the location of the license document for each new license entry. The personal fields serve to add company-internal information and help categorize the licenses.

  • Compliance-Check

    Does the number of available licenses match the number of used licenses? That is, in one sentence, the compliance-check that acknowledges the it-employee that there are no violations of the license terms in his company. Counting manually is far too time-consuming in a small time-window.

In ACMP it is necessary to first define as from which point an available license is to be seen as used or respectively depleted. To do so, you have the possibility to compile license packages with drag and drop containing all available properties with the help of boolean operators. Properties that you cant use can be easily hidden. Once all properties are assigned you will receive warning messages if new properties were found and can always stay in control when it comes to future software inventory. If the discovery is an unwanted software or program for which there is no valid license, administrators determine on which client computer the software was found and by which user it was installed.

Tight gearing of modules in ACMP

The modular structure of ACMP allows you to profit from the single functions especially in combination. Thus you have the possibility to check the md5 checksums, language differences and file attributes as early as during the software inventory when using ACMP Software Detective and ACMP Desktop Automation. This way you can identify your software even more precisely according to distinct criteria. Additionally, you can also allocate particular licenses to departments and cost centers.

The hardware data that has already been gathered with ACMP Inventory and saved in the database is further used to control automatisms that subsequently make the work environment faster and more efficient for the user.

Maintenance of the database

An always current license database calls for regular use of the ACMP Software Detective. The analysis procedures only take a few seconds and do not interrupt the user in his work. New installations and new products are automatically found by the Software Detective without the administrator needing to take care of them. Only the entering of new license certificates stays manual effort in the license management.

Your profit from using ACMP Software Detective

After you have made all settings, inventoried the available software and created license packages, you can tap the additional potential. This potential includes the possibility to standardize software, reduce the number of used products, purchase updates instead of full versions, make installations dependent on the amount of available license or the automatic un-installation of products in case of a change in departments. With the growing use of the system you will automatically find more advantages for your company. The critical view of the license management towards the software equipment saves money above all!

Your benefits at a glance

  • Complete inventory

  • Simple creation of a license record

  • Microsoft-conform

  • Special license forms also portrayable

  • Integrated reporting

  • Freely definable fields

  • Deposition of contact persons for each software

  • Full integration into ACMP client management