NETinfo - The perfect assistant for your user service

NETinfo - The perfect assistant for your user service

With version 4 of NETinfo we provide you with a reliable assistant that informs you of the most important data of a client without any installation.


All information at a glance

If a user reports a problem with his computer to your helpdesk he can now also inform them of all important data i.e. the computer name, the logged on user or the IP-address and much more at the press of a button. We also implemented a context menu sor assistance with which you can copy all data of the computer into the clipboard and from there you can send them via e-mail.

NETinfo is quickly and straightforwardly available to all users as it is easily locally saved without installation and placed as a link on the desktop.

Your individual design in NETinfo

To adjust NETinfo to your corporate design you can exchange the two graphics above the client information. To do so, place the files in the directory which was extracted from the zip-archive.

Improvements as from version 4

NETinfo now also lists a variety of information on the existing network adapters as well as the general information on the computer. This includes:

  • Description of the network adapter

  • IPv4 and IPv6 addresses

  • Standard gateways

  • DNS Server

  • WINS Server

  • Subnetmasks

  • MAC addresses

Free for you to download

We offer NETinfo for free download as a zip-archive so that you can quickly and easily start using NETinfo to increase your effectivity in processing user problems.

Your benefits at a glance

  • No installation necessary

  • Uncomplicated adjustment to your corporate design

  • You have all information about the computer available to you at any time

  • All network adapters are listed

  • Support for IPv4 and IPv6 addresses

  • Free download

  • and much more...