Premium Support - Support according to your wishes

You would like more than the "regular" support? You would like a routine health check of the ACMP systems on the premises? And furthermore you would like to have a fixed contact person in the support department? Then the ACMP Premium Support is just the right thing for you.

Extent of Premium Support

Premium Support includes the examination, maintenance and optimization of your ACMP systems. An ACMP consultant will visit you on-site at least once a quarter depending on the tier of Premium Support which you have chosen. The consultant vets your systems on the basis of a predefined examination protocol. This includes following points among other things:

  • Examination of Hardware
  • SQL Server configuration
  • ACMP Server configuration
  • Analysis of all relevant log files
  • File repositories
  • Update locations
  • ACK server configuration
  • ACK rollout server configuration
  • Review and installation of updates

Potential smaller changes are immediately made and recommendations regarding the environment are stated by the consultant according to this examination protocol.

In addition to that, the consultant is on hand for the following tasks:

  • Clarification of questions which have arisen in the course of time
  • Instructions for innovations and changes in ACMP and ACK
  • Support with client commands, reports and queries
  • Clarification of general questions
  • Support with working out projects and tasks in cooperation with ACMP

In addition to the fixed on-site appointments you also receive a direct dialing number for our support team and a dedicated support contact person. Your support requests will be treated with a higher priority and you receive online access* to your ticket status and the internal ACMP and ACK Knowledge Base.

Three tiers simplify your choice

Generally the Premium Support is divided into three tiers. These differ only in the amount of fixed on-site days per quarter. All other benefits are unchanged by the tiers. The Premium Support is always adjusted to the duration of the Update & Support of your ACMP and ACK licenses.

Silver: One man-day per quarter

Gold: three man-days per quarter

Platinum: five man-days per quarter

Premium Support offers you that certain something extra when it comes to support benefits no matter which tier you choose.