Client Management System

Client management is the centralized management and control of client-computers, thin-clients and mobile devices in a corporate network. IT-system-administrators take care of the required administrative tasks centrally and - ideally - fully automatically. The automation reduces expenditure of time and thus increases the productivity of the users and equally of the administrators.

All functions of client management are summarized in ACMP:

The conjunction of all available data sources into one single, easy to learn overview surface and the automation of routine tasks are the key to more efficiency and productivity in the IT department. Helpdesk-employees and IT-administrators use the same data and functions which saves time and nerves. Client management is not just a technology for large scale companies with large department structures. Aagon has managed to optimize the solution for the middle classes with ACMP.

Remote administration

Remote access to distant clients for technical employees

Remote maintenance of computers is becoming more and more important for the support of hard- and software. The possibilities for direct assistance via the support are increased by the ever increasing connection of computers via the internet, the setup of company-internal intranets and conventional telecommunication methods (ISDN, telephone).

Full inventory

"Know which side your bread is buttered on!"

Current information on the existing inventory of computers, servers, notebooks and peripherals are the basis of an efficient client management.

Software distribution

Software distribution

"Reliable software distribution in the blink of an eye"

Distributing software in the company network, installing updates on the computers in a timely manner and maintaining individual programs are everyday tasks of the IT-departments. They require time - time, that you often do not have. Our software ACMP supports you and helps to automate the software distribution.

OS and Desktop Deployment

OS and Desktop Deployment

The requirements of the IT - growing faster than the Budget

Computers nowadays are not replaced as fast as they were some years ago. The performance of modern PCs usually also suffices for the next generation of operating systems. The amount of client systems is simultaneously increasing due to the fact that more and more users now also have a laptop at their disposal in addition to the stationary office-computer. Even if a company purchases the machines fully-installed from the manufacturer, the moment will come when a new installation is necessary.


Targeted user-support

Every IT-department sees itself confronted with a more or less large number of questions, error reports, tips and wishes that are received by the support. The processing, categorization and evaluation of these reports is the job of a good helpdesk. It is desirable - albeit unrealistic - that all problems are processed by the first level support at first contact. A good IT ensures that no information is lost and every support employee knows exactly what is to be done and what has already been done.


License management

Why license management in the first place?

The answer to the question above is simple: To save expenses and be legally secured.

Manage mobile devices

"Know what is happening when it comes to external work!"

Mobile client system regardless of whether tablet-computers or smartphones are impossible to think away in most companies nowadays. Many IT-administrators monitor the spreading of these minicomputers rather sceptically. The worry is large, that the new device classes bring to high expenditure with them when it comes to management and could also lead to possible security risks for the company network. At first appearance the management of the devices is even more complicated and instead of seeing the advantages for the productivity of the employees the skepticism grows even further with the "Bring your own Device" (BYOD)-philosophy.