Manage mobile devices

"Know what is happening when it comes to external work!"

Mobile client system regardless of whether tablet-computers or smartphones are impossible to think away in most companies nowadays. Many IT-administrators monitor the spreading of these minicomputers rather sceptically. The worry is large, that the new device classes bring to high expenditure with them when it comes to management and could also lead to possible security risks for the company network. At first appearance the management of the devices is even more complicated and instead of seeing the advantages for the productivity of the employees the skepticism grows even further with the "Bring your own Device" (BYOD)-philosophy.

The good news is that the management of smartphones, PDAs and tablet-systems can be easily implemented in practice if the right solution is provided. Die grundsätzlichen Arbeitsschritte in der IT unterscheiden sich kaum vom herkömmlichen Clients. The IT-department can consequently enforce the company standards on the basis of an inventory of the installed apps, the available data and configuration.

The autoamtically gathered information are also the foundation for automation and a remote connection is the basis for fast help in case of a support request. BYOD inevitably required a separation of business and private information. It goes without saying that the IT can and may not access the user's private data. The person responsible finds out what exactly is happening on the little devices from automated reports with tabular and graphical elements. Which department ultimately takes care of mobile devices, whether it is the IT, the security-team or the telecom-expense-management, only plays a role for organizational aspects. ACMP is also the first choice for non-it-departments thanks to the adaptability concerning the access rights.

A solution for the management of mobile devices can save you a large amount of work, time and money. This is made clear by some examples:

  • An employee would like to use his newly bought iPhone during external work to access his company e-mail account. He requires help with the installation and configuration from the IT department. Thanks to the profile management this is not a problem - the necessary installation happens virtually by itself.

  • Employees across the entire department are provided with iPads that are to be used corporately as well as privately. Privately downloaded apps were not mentioned to the IT-department and cause security flaws. Thus it becomes necessary to restrict the app-usage and download possibilities to consequently enforce security guidelines.

  • A user forgets his corporately used smartphone with company reports and customer information in a taxi. The IT can lock the device with the command "Device Lock" or completely delete everything with "Device Wipe".

If you have not yet implemented some areas completely when it comes to the management of remote devices, feel free to contact us.