OS and Desktop Deployment

OS and Desktop Deployment

The requirements of the IT - growing faster than the Budget

Computers nowadays are not replaced as fast as they were some years ago. The performance of modern PCs usually also suffices for the next generation of operating systems. The amount of client systems is simultaneously increasing due to the fact that more and more users now also have a laptop at their disposal in addition to the stationary office-computer. Even if a company purchases the machines fully-installed from the manufacturer, the moment will come when a new installation is necessary.

OS and Desktop Deployment gives you the possibility to perform an affordable, standardized installation on existing or new computers. A time-consuming error search is refrained from in favor of a new installation and instead of spending hours with the installation or image medium on-site, the OS deployment with ACMP functions fully automatically. The time saved for the IT, the faster start-up by the user and finally the increase in company security in the corporate network make for a reduction of the TCO (Total Cost of Ownership).

We have summarized the procedure from a new system all the way up to the finished, fully set up system for the user in 3 steps:

OS und Desktop Deployment

The standardization of the operating system in the company leads to a simplification of the workflow at the helpdesk in the shortest of times. The user now only has to be familiar with one single operating system. The checking for patches and updates is reduced to a single platform. Same goes for the necessary driver environment, especially for peripherals such as printers or scanners.

A further important aspect is the interchangeability of computers. If a failure causes for a total breakdown of a machine, any other PC can be quickly installed as a replacement. The failure is reduced to hours or even minutes instead of days. Mouse clicks instead of screwdrivers! Since every employee should know the usual time consumption of such a failure from private life, the enthusiasm for such professional handling will not fail to have the desired effect.

It goes without saying that an automated software distributon subsequently completes the desktop deployment. Even the fastest PC is worthless for the user without the settings and the appropriate software environment.