Remote administration

Remote access to distant clients for technical employees

Remote maintenance of computers is becoming more and more important for the support of hard- and software. The possibilities for direct assistance via the support are increased by the ever increasing connection of computers via the internet, the setup of company-internal intranets and conventional telecommunication methods (ISDN, telephone).

Products for remote maintenance are used not least because of the cost-saving opportunities when it comes to travel expenses and better usage of resources (staff and technology).

Remote administration offers a large amount of advantages especially in cooperation with the helpdesk. In doing so, the helpdesk employee can directly access the computer of the employee and fix possible errors straight from his workplace. Remote maintenance can also help support employees with the usage of programs. If the helpdesk and the remote maintenance software are then directly connected, the helpdesk employee only requires one click to subsequently - after user confirmation - take control of the employee's computer.

Next to the inventory, software distribution, OS deployment and patch management, remote maintenance is one of the most important tools for an effective client management. Because it is no use to know the error and to be able to localize it if it still can only be fixed directly at the workplace of the affected user.