Software distribution

Software distribution

"Reliable software distribution in the blink of an eye"

Distributing software in the company network, installing updates on the computers in a timely manner and maintaining individual programs are everyday tasks of the IT-departments. They require time - time, that you often do not have. Our software ACMP supports you and helps to automate the software distribution.

Software distribution with ACMP

In this (german)video you can see how to easily and quickly package and distribute software with ACMP.

The software distribution in ACMP does not only support you with the installation of software, it also helps with maintenance and patch management . Additionally, you keep the overview of your used licenses and are always safe on the legal side thanks to a direct connection to the license management.

Thus the software distribution contributes to the company standard and simplifies the daily tasks of the administrator and the Helpdesk e.g. supporting the users and fixing problems or errors.

The patch management regularly issues new challenges for administrators when it comes to the timely testing of new updates and patches and their distribution in the company network. Next to the search for versions of existing software, the packaging and the subsequent testing, the daily work also has to be done. As a consequence, scurity relevant patches are often distributed to employees too late. At this point we apply our ACMP Package Cloud. We currently deliver over 80 different programs for which we timely create quality assured Client Command packages. These packages are accessable via a convenient web portal.

The extent of the package cloudis constantly growing and orientates itself towards the wishes of our customers.

In addition to the software distribution we offer a software for the automatic packaging of software in form of our ACMP AutoMATE. This software records an installation and can also incorporate user input, mouse movement and mouse clicks. Thus all configurations are applied in the subsequent software distribution without any further assistance of the user. The finished software products can then be distributed to the clients.

If you enter special parameters during the recording of the installation to make it run in the background, you should subsequently inform the employee of the successfull installation of software because he will not have noticed anything.